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Preparing You for a Fruitful Collaboration

Preparing You for a Fruitful Collaboration

Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to meeting you. We hope that all the information found here on this page will help better your experience with us and make you more prepared when you arrive.

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We are centrally located in the Orlando area, fifteen minutes north of the airport, right off of Semoran Blvd (SR-436), south of Colonial Drive (SR-50).

We have an ample parking lot in front of the building for your convenience.

Services & Classes

Services & Classes


  • Shabbat Service 12:00 PM


Shabbat School Curriculum after Torah Service (Pre-School – Teens)

(All children under the age of 7 attending Shabbat School must be accompanied to the washroom by a parent.)

Shabbat Yeshiva and Foundation Courses : (Before Service @ 10:30AM)

Services Order

Services Order

  • 1 Opening Prayer
  • 2 Liturgical Service Shabbat Morning
  • 3 Torah Service (Parashat HaShavua Readings)
  • 4 Praise and Worship Service (Dance)
  • 5 Congregational Prayer Time
  • 6 Dismissal for Shabbat School
  • 7 Announcements
  • 8 Torah Portion Teaching
  • 9 Aaronic Blessing
  • 10 Dismissal (Approximate Service Time: 2-2.5 hours)
  • 11 Oneg / Kiddush Luncheon
  • 12 Various Ministries Activities


There is no daycare provided at this time

A nursery room is available for infants to be cared for with adult supervision or by their parents.

What to Expect

What to Expect

The Shul or Synagogue is modeled after the Mishkan or Tabernacle of the Wilderness which in turn is modeled after the heavenly Mishkan. You'll find the Aaron Kodesh (The Ark) containing the Sefer Torah Scrolls. You'll find a Ner Tamid (Eternal Flame) modeled after the "eternal heavenly fire"

A platform known as the Bema (podium) will be used for the reading of the scriptures.

The chairs are arranged in a fashion that will accommodate the viewing of these elements and also our projection devices.

During our Liturgical service and prayers, there will be periods of standing and bowing as an act of reverence before the LORD at different times. The congregation will face East during the prayer of the Shema.

During the Torah Service, the Sefer Torah Scroll is processed around the Shul and greeted by the community with great joy. For us, it is a visible sign and reminder of Yeshua HaMashiach, "The word who became flesh and dwelt among us" (Yochanan 1:14) You'll see the community men, woman, and children come out and meet the Torah as it passes by while reaching out with their Tallit, Tanach or Siddurim to "kiss it". For in Psalm 119:103 says: "How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! The scroll is then lifted displaying the portion to be read before a part of it is chanted out loud. We also include readings from the Haftarah (Prophets & Writings) and from the Brit Chadashah (Apostolic Writings)

Dress Code

Dress Code

Men: preferably Business, or Modest, shirt/polo with slacks, NO SHORTS, clean and groomed, clean jeans and shoes. No tank tops. Men wear kippot on the bema, especially when reading from the Torah. We have guest kippot at the entrance for your convenience. If wearing a Tallit (Prayer Shawl) /Tzit Tzit to our services you must have also a Kippah.

Transparency, Uniformity, and Consistency are part of our community..

Women: do not wear Men's Tallit or Kippoh. Women may cover their heads with a scarf, or a dress hat. Modest dress is required, NO shorts, or Tube Tops. Spaghetti strap, revealing sleeveless blouses or dresses should be avoided.

Children: clean and modest attire appropriate for the age of the child. No open t-shirts. No exposed diapers. Children wearing diapers must always wear bottoms covering the diaper.

Elders and leaders will follow and help maintain these standards throughout the services and around our community..

Conduct in the Shul

Conduct in the Shul

  • The Sanctuary service order and standards of conduct should be a matter for all community members to observed and be able to hold others accountable to them.
  • All community members and visitors are expected to follow the instructions of our ushers and elders during their time in the Shul. They are there to serve and to help you.
  • Shabbat is a time of great community fellowship and if you need additional time for individual ministry please let the ushers know about it and include it with the prayer request form.
  • Parents must supervise their children and help maintain the order during the services before dismissal for Shabbat School and anytime they are interacting in the Sanctuary.
  • NO Food and Drinks inside Sanctuary except water
  • Children sitting together must be supervised by a Parent.
  • Youth will be expected to remain in the service or attend the Shabbat School for Youth
  • Your devices (phones, tablets, etc..) should be muted and stowed away during service
  • The coffee lounge is closed during service, hallways and classrooms also. The movement in and out of the sanctuary should be limited to as needed basis only.
  • Dancing is mostly traditional Israeli-style as an expression of worship. We ask you to participate only if you are already familiar with the dance steps as we understand is part of a ministry that is spirit led and requiring practice and commitment.
  • Children 12 and under are expected to attend Shabbat Classes
Oneg & Havdalah

Oneg & Havdalah

Oneg/Kiddush Luncheon

Following Shabbat services, we have a time of fellowship and a small meal that guests are invited to participate.

If you are visiting for the first time, you are not required to bring food. Simply enjoy the fellowship. Please visit with the Kitchen staff for a list of suggestions of foods to share or simply add an envelope with your contribution to the Tzedaka box and mark it accordingly as an Oneg donation.


Service times varied throughout the year to accommodate for time changes at the end of the Sabbath and special events.

Cameras, Recording & Security

Cameras, Recording & Security

Our common areas and classrooms have cameras for monitoring for safety and security. Taping of our services, recording and pictures of our services are not allowed unless cleared by our senior staff and primarily for special occasions, and ceremonies. Refraining from flash photography and much movement during the services avoids unnecessary distractions.

We offer LiveStream of the Weekly Torah Portion message to all subscribers of our YouTube Channel.