What We Believe

What We Believe

We are believers in the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua is his Hebrew name. We believe that no matter what ethnicity or background you come from, the only way to eternal salvation is through Yeshua the Messiah. We maintain a scriptural foundation of our walk and beliefs although not exclusively within the framework of Judaism and the Traditions of the Fathers. We pursue through our studies and service, for our community to honor and lift up the name of our G-D and that of Yeshua the Messiah. We want to present a balanced form of Judaism reflective of both the teachings of Moshe Rabbeinu and Messiah Yeshua. We honor the Jewish community and sages that have granted us much wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the scriptures. We understand that practicing first century Messianic Judaism is a monumental challenge due to the history and circumstances surrounding the separation from the original Jewish believers. On the other hand, we believe that in the latter days there will be a restoration as prophesied by the prophets of Israel, and also finds the Jewish people back in the land. We believe that we are part of the reshit (remnant) of believers, both natural Jews and non-Jews together in Messiah. Some from the natural Olive tree and others from the wild Olive tree that are grafted into the commonwealth of Israel and is being restored in these last days.

We are guardians of the Torah, for it is the instructional manual for believers given by HaShem. We are followers of Yeshua's Judaism as expressed through HIS teachings in the Brit Chadashah (Apostolic Writings/New Testament).

We use a terminology that is more reflective to the original forms, as languages carry a great deal of biases that will have an effect on the message. Hebrew, in its early form, was the original language of the Jewish people and the Bible. By studying the scriptures in the original languages in which it was written and in the cultural framework and time, we would be able to extract a much greater value from them. We understand that salvation is by grace and faith offered to us through the atoning blood of Yeshua, but it is only the beginning of our walk.

Even though we have a great number of individuals who are not born Jewish, we are not seeking to become Jewish in order to receive some religious recognition or political benefits from the State of Israel.

We also do not consider ourselves as "Gentiles" (Goyim) believers but as fellow heirs grafted to the commonwealth of Israel in accordance to Deuteronomy 10:16 and Romans 2:29, a true Jew, circumcised of heart. With this in mind, we remain strong in our faith and lifestyle practices.

We do not accept replacement theologies that displace and or replace Israel with the church nor any others that are looking to change its history by separating The Torah from HaShem's grace. We do not advocate to the Two House Theology or Sacred Name Theology commonly found in other groups.

We also understand that Judaism over time has placed markers on its people that Messiah Yeshua through HIS teachings came to rectify, not withstanding that, many of those who received HIM were Jews "zealous" for the Torah and immersed in the Judaism of those days. (Acts 20) We also recognize that Yeshua had every opportunity to totally discredit or abolish Oral Law and he did not do so as he preached in synagogues throughout Judea and Galilee. He questioned the corruption in the systems (Temple and Synagogues) and the hypocrites among them.

We practice a conservative view of Judaism with a stronger emphasis on a biblical foundation than a rabbinical one, but we are sensitive to work within a framework that looks also at matters of Jewish law and its customs in a balance matter.

We invite Jewish and non-Jewish believers alike to join us, and in it, recognizing the need to conform into a Jewish style of living that centers around the life and purposes of our Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth. We avoid any atmosphere of exclusion but expect our community members and congregants to abide by the established guidelines and the By Laws of our community.

We are Shabbat keepers and recognize it as the first of the set apart times instituted since creation (Gen.2:1-3) and part of the Moedim (Feasts) instituted by HaShem for all HIS people. (Lev. 23).

Our community is led by the leader (Messianic Pastor) and Elders supported by a Shammashim (Deacons / Board Members) who assist in carrying out the vision and all matters of administering the congregation. Under the direction of the leader, the community will abide by an established set of By Laws approved by the membership and established by using Biblical principles found in the TaNaK (Hebrew Bible) and Brit Chadashah (Apostolic Writings/New Testament).

Our community's main responsibility is to witness the work of Messiah Yeshua, first as individuals and also as a whole in our local area. To take the message out to the nations through all our media outlets and by doing so, building the Kingdom of Heaven and hastening the return of our beloved Yeshua HaMashiach.