Two men in traditional jewish clothing are looking at a torah.

Shalom Life January-March 2023

Welcome to another issue of Shalom Life. In this issue we’ll take a look at what lies ahead in the first quarter of 2023.

Our biggest event of the year is coming up and by this, I mean our annual Passover Seder. Our community Passover Seder will be held on Sunday, April 2nd at 3pm at the Florida Hotel Conference Center. There will be special presentations from our band, youth, choir, flag, and dance teams as we go through the seder and retell the story of Israel’s exodus from Egypt. You won’t want to miss this. Registration will open soon. Passover this year begins Wednesday, April 5th and ends April 12th.

Members Meeting

Our annual member’s meeting and new member orientation will be held on January 28th after oneg.


Purim is right around the corner. In preparation for this day, we will be having a Purim banquet on March 5th. For the ladies, we have Esther Tea. A fabulous tea party with fancy hats, tea and sweets, and spending time with the King. And for the men we will have Mordechai’s Table, a round table, faith-based discussion with pizza.

Our Purim celebration will be held on Saturday, March 11th at noon. In addition to Purim, our congregation will be celebrating it’s 9th anniversary. Be sure to join us on this fun and special Shabbat.

Eshet Chayil Bat Mitzvah class

For the ladies who have registered to join this class, classes will be held on Shabbat at 10am. Please see Moreh Andres. We look forward to the day when you’ll be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah.

Faith Nugget

“Now we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose.†(Romans 8:28 TLV)

Why do bad things happen to good people? A common enough question asked by believers and non-believers alike with plenty of answers you’d think we’d stop asking by now. 

In the art of story crafting, it is essential for bad things to happen to characters no matter how good they are. This is what develops the plot and builds the characters. The author has a goal for the story and understands how every action leads to that goal. In good storytelling, few things happen without reason. 

In real life bad things happen regardless of how good we are or how strong our relationship with Hashem is. Take Job for example. We may not understand why these things happen, yet we have but to trust that the Author knows what He is doing.

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Until next time, Shalom!